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The Wheel Repair Gurus Baltimore are ready to service all your rim repair needs in almost the entire state of Maryland which we service. We really appreciate your business and are excited to provide you with excellent alloy wheel repair services.  We have been in the wheel refinishing business for many years now and have seen it all when it comes to wheel problems.  So this puts us in a position to handle your aluminum wheel repair situation better than anyone else.  So give us a shot you won’t be disappointed, become another one of our success stories.

Bent Rim Repair Baltimore

We are also experts at wheel straightening.  We have the latest and greatest in rim straightening equipment.  If your wheel is bent you can count on us getting it back to its original shape, having it be perfectly balanced and get you back on the road right away.

Our Rim Repair Services

  • wheel refinishing
  • wheel reconditioning
  • fix rims
  • mobile wheel repair
  • aluminum
  • painting
  • re-painting
  • wheel repair shop
  • car and auto
  • refurbishment and refurb
  • straightening
  • bent repairs

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